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Philly Impresses with 15 sold out sections

So if you take a look at the Philly stadium map and go section by section you will notice that 15 sections are sold out and while I like the look of their stadium I did notice that their season ticket package is for 17 matches, so while their prices are a bit lower in some sections, you are getting 3 less matches than you would with the Real Salt Lake season ticket package.   

Still for them to sell out 15 sections with two months before the start of the season is an impressive feat and shows well for their efforts.  I really have to say the software used by Seattle and Philly for their virtual stadium maps is great at it not only shows the stadium but it allows people to select seats by their habits, do they drink, do they sing and chant, and even by their knowledge of soccer.  Impressive, very impressive.

I haven't gotten an update on the 2010 season ticket campaign for RSL, but one would have to hope that the defending MLS Cup Champions would be able to see a bump in their season ticket sales as well as their match day attendance.