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Holy Championship Buckets Batman

OK, so I have been watching the Championship to see who would be joining the EPL next year and since I have a co-worker across the pond who is a huge Cardiff fan, I have been cheering for them to earn promotion.  Well they had a chance for a huge boost today as they faced off against the top team, the boys from Newcastle United, who were relegated from the EPL and fighting to return to the top level in English footy and the rewards that come along with it.

Well it is 5-0 with just minutes left as Cardiff appears to have failed to show up at St. James Park today.  They went down in the 3rd minute and the beatdown was on.  If you want the ugly details just click here to go to the coverage of the match.

I am hoping another home team can lay that kind of thrashing on their opponent as the Merseyside Derby takes place at Anfield tomorrow. The Red's took the first leg at Goodison Park 2-0 on a Yobo own goal and one put in by Dirk Kuyt. Rafa has kept his job as the team has jumped back into top 5 and are just a point out of Champions League football next season.  I think the only way he will be in charge next year is if a top 4 finish is earned and with Tottenham facing Villa tomorrow, Liverpool could jump back into the mix with a win.

Just a little non RSL, non MLS thought for you.

Late Edit- Cardiff got one to make the final score 5-1