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Real Salt Lake's 2010 schedule does them no favors

Well there are some things I really like about the 2010 RSL schedule and of course some things I don't like (would you expect it any other way?).

First up, I love that RSL doesn't have any 3 match road trips, not once in 2010 will RSL more than 2 straight road matches in MLS action.  Next up, only one 3 MLS matches in a 7 day time period.  RSL will face KC on the 7th of August on the road, then face Phily on the 11th, also on the road and then return home ofr a match on the 14th of Auguset as they face the Crew.

I do worry a bit when I see that 4 of our first 5 matches are on the road, but ending the year strongly away from Rio Tinto, I hope that we will get a couple early results.  There is a silver lining to the cloud as each year RSL's first road win has come at the HDC against either LA or Chivas and unlike past years when those matches may not come until June, or even as late as August, both matches we will play there take place before Memorial Day as we face the Galaxy on April 17th.  That date is huge as it is very likely that neither Landycakes or Golden Balls will be back playing MLS but still be kicking the ball around Europe.

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Chivas is the opponent we will face on May 22nd, so if RSL should find itself once again struggling to find a win on the road like they have in the past, rest assured our first road win will come no latter than May 22nd.  I actually believe RSL will be able to pull of the win in the season opener at San Jose on the 27th of March and very well equal their 2009 and 2008 road win totals of 2 each year before the teams plays their second home match of the year on May 1st.

There is one glaring thing in the schedule that annoys me, while we finish our head to head matches with Houston by the middle of May (away April 1st, home May 13th),  We don't face off against Colorado until the 25th of September at home and end the season at Dick'son October 23rd.  Both matches against the Rapids will come at the end of 3 matches in 7 days stretches which both time will have RSL playing in the CCL midweek.  That means RSL could be forced to travel back from huge distances before matches against our most hated rival.

One thing that I love about the schedule is May, we have 5 matches in May with 4 of them being at home as we open the month with TFC on May 1st, then face the Philly Union on the 8th, a ESPN2 matchup on the 13th against Houston, then a road trip down to LA to face Chivas on the 22nd, before finishing the month against the KC Wizards. That match will be huge as RSL looks to avenge their only home loss of 2009.

Well it sure is going to be an action packed year for RSL fans as they will play in at least 37 competitive matches, and could end up playing in 40-45 before the season ends.  I for one can't wait for it to start.