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A little NFL update

I do enjoy the NFL to fill out weekends when MLS is offseason and after the mornings filled with EPL and other European football action.  I have been a Colt's fans for well over a decade and think they are one of the most consistent teams ever in professional sports.  

Today it was hard to be a Colt's fan, as the story of Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints is simply so compelling.  I found myself torn between my team and the greater good as the pregame show featured a great segment on how Drew came to become a Saint.

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Rejected by the Chargers as he was injured and out of contract, it was a trip around New Orleans with Saints head coach Sean Payton that changed his life and quite simply made it hard to cheer against him.  If there had to be a matchup of two great quarterbacks, I can't think of two better than Drew Brees and Peyton Manning.  Incredible athletes, and so much more off the field, in a day and age when the actions of so many pro football players are headlines of criminal acts, these guys are the poster children for the quality players and people in the NFL.

Congratulations to Drew and the New Orleans Saints on winning Super Bowl XLIV.