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Time for a little competition with RSL head coach Jason Kreis

OK, it seems that Real Salt Lake head coach Jason Kreis is trying to add to this facebook fans, he has just over 300 despite being at it for over 3 months.  He is dangling some type of prize to people who help him get more fans, not sure what it is, but I think his effort smells too much like a competition too me.

So I am going to ask you who read my blog and have facebook accounts to become a fan of my blog's facebook page and see if we can beat his total number of fans by Feb. 19th.  Now he is about 200 ahead of me, but my page has only been up a week vs. several months.

and I am willing to dangle a bit of a prize as well, anyone who becomes a fan of mine will be entered into a drawing for an team signed "Fan for Life" long sleeve t-shirt.  If we beat Jason's total, then I will ante up another prize to be given away to one of my fans via random drawing.  For those who don't know I do have a great collection of RSL memoribillia and a good deal of it is autographed, so don't miss out on your chance and become fan today.