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So with a match at RTS in March are you excited for US vs Mexico?

I know ticket sales were good last summer for the cancelled US vs. Japan Womens match, and I have to believe that US vs. Mexico might just be able to sell out Rio Tinto Stadium. Many of us weren't expecting a match at Rio Tinto until April but the RSL staff found a way to get us a super matchup.

Tickets for RSL season ticket holders go on sale tomorrow and while the prices are a little bit high:

  • Center Circle (100 LIONS) $225
  • On-Field Seats (East Side) $150
  • Club Seats (Section 19) $100
  • Front Row $65
  • Midfield $46
  • Sideline $35
  • Corner $25
  • Endline $18
I still imagine they will sell quickly, so the question is are you excited enough to buy tickets? I know I already have contacted my ticket rep, have you?