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A Crazy Week

OK, there are a couple weeks a year that are very crazy for me away from the world of soccer and this is one of them.  I am hoping I can find someone to whip up some content for you all this week, but I will be busy with my companies annual sales meetings.

It is a bit of a bummer since RSL is in town for a few days before heading off to Charleston to begin their defense of the CCC (Carolina Challenge Cup).

A quick update on the Luis Gil deal, it appears the International slot is only a one year deal.  So we traded a second round draft pick in 2011, 25% of any future transfer fee we might get for Gil, and one year of an international slot, for a 16 year old who was recently voted the best US player under 20.  While I am not sure what his future will hold, you have to believe for a kid to get attention from Real Madrid and Arsenal, there has to be something there.

Don't forget that Real Salt Lake's Robbie Findley will be suiting up for the US vs. Netherlands on Wednesday that match is at 12:30 MST, and will be on ESPN2 and ESPN360 (I hope to be able to at least listen to it live from work).

OK, that it is for me.  If you want to write something just just the Fan Post option and I will try to promote your post up to the main page.