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Esky takes a leave


It is a sad day for a lot of fans, as after numerous injuries and concussions Alecko Eskandarian has decided to step away from soccer as a profession indefinitely.  Earlier in the day Esky mentioned that he would be making an announcement and many of us feared the worse.  Soccer Insider is reporting that he will be sidelined indefinitely.

If you have watched Esky play you know he is a fun player to watch, if you have had the privilege to talk to him off the pitch you realize he is a great person.  His career saw him score 30 goals in just 125 matches, he added 12 assists to go with those goals, he was always a threat to score or contribute to the offensive attack.  Last year he only played only 460 minutes or so with the two LA teams, but managed 3 goals.

His presence on the pitch will be missed, I hope someone at FSC is smart enough to get him signed up to be one of your announce staff.  He would be a great color commentator.