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SB Nations Soccer coverage continues to grow

From a humble 3 blogs before the MLS cup to 10 before the MLS season starts, nice growth for SB Nation and more coverage on footy for all of you.  The two most recent blogs to join the nation are:

ONCE A METRO- a New York Red Bulls blog, by someone who remembers the old days of the MetroStars. It will be interesting to see how this season goes after the debacle last year, a brand new stadium did wonders for RSL.

COTTAGERS CONFIDENTIAL - Coverage of Fullham, something that I know will interest a bunch of MLS fans as it seems that the London based club is a favorite of US players.

I am still waiting for more MLS teams and of course more coverage of the EPL and the rest of Europe, this will be SB Nations Summer of Soccer and I can't wait for more blogs to join up.