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Time for MLS fans to Unite

Listen I know what I am about to ask you to do is hard, but we need to ensure that over the next couple days that our voices are heard by both the players and the owners.  This isn't about sides anymore, if there were no fans there would be no league.  No owner would purchase a franchise if they didn't think they could get fans to buy tickets, watch matches, and purchase merchandise.  Without owners there would be no need for players, who would either find other leagues or do something else.

Neither side is 100% right in this current fight, but it is us the fans that are being left out. We have no say in the CBA talks, we have no seat at the table, but we can have a voice.

I started last week making a sacrifice, I stopped wearing RSL gear and MLS gear.  I have stopped buying any MLS merchandise.  

I ask each of you to join me in boycotting the wearing and purchasing of MLS gear until a new CBA is signed and the season can begin.  

It is painful for us, I have a closet full of jerseys, polos, hoodies, I have dozens of RSL and MLS hats, even more t-shirts.  For those of you who know me, you know I am almost always wearing something with the RSL logo on it.  It was me getting yelled at by MLS officials in Seattle for having my RSL hoodie on under my jacket while on the sidelines taking pictures.  This isn't easy for a fan to do, but it is one way we can show all parties involved that we are the customer, we are the ones who actually pay their checks, they both owners and players really work for us, and we want our season, we want them to work out the details and get to the business of soccer.

So the question is will you join me, the new 2010 MLS gear is out there, I bought a t-shirt 3 weeks ago (before this idea hit me) but it now sits draped over a chair and it won't be worn again until a CBA is done and matches are being played.  

If you are willing to join me in this effort I created a facebook group last night, it already has 20 members, lets make that number grow, let's send a message to MLS and the members of the MLSPU that enough is enough and we want out season back.