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Some CBA details emerge

Well, I figured it would happen this morning and sure enough some of the details have started to emerge about the new MLS CBA:

From SoccerAmerica we get:

For 2010, the salary cap will be $2.55 million per team (it was $2.32 million in 2009) and the minimum salary for non-developmental players is $40,000 ($34,000 in 2009). Each will increase at a basic five percent per year, though for older players the minimum will be greater. At that growth rate, the salary cap will be approximately $3.1 million in the final year of the CBA, and the minimum will be slightly more than $46,000.


Said Onstad, "This was a wake-up call to the league, and to the league's credit, they and Garber sat down and listened to us. Both sides set aside their differences and worked out something that is good for the players and the league, and they're definitely going to see the benefits of a happier work force."

It is a great article and I highly advise taking time to read the whole thing. does a look at the deal in their Canales Corner piece: it doesn't provide a lot of meat but brings up the interesting facts that international players had little to no representation in the CBA talks (except Pat Onstad-Canadian):

Unless Canadian Onstad is supposed to represent the foreign players, that means the executive board negotiating the main contract for the entire league doesn't have one person with an outside perspective of soccer in other countries and leagues and the priorities of players from such places. At the very least, it means the executive board has only native English speakers negotiating for a body of players who are the most multinational of any North American professional team sport.

I am sure as the day goes along that more information will come out and eventually the final version of the new CBA will be published.  But two days after the new deal was approved, it seems as if the tension of the past couple months has quickly been forgotten.