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RSL rolls out their 2010 season tickets

So 2009 saw RSL move to a classy set of tickets for their season ticket holders, featuring players and fans.  In 2010 they have topped last years efforts.  The only question is which player struck the best pose with the Cup?

Here is row 1- featuring Andy, Robbie R, Fabi, Javi, and Nick

the rest are loaded after the jump:

Row 2 Robbie F, Wingert, Pablo, Ned, and Jason

Row 3 Tony, Nat, Olave, Kyle, and Will

Row 4 features some shots from the greatest night in RSL history, well the greatest night in RSL history so far.

Folks I have to tell you not only do the tickets look great but the job RSL did on the IT'S FOR REAL dvd is first class and it gave me goosebumps watching it last night.  I am working on getting the preview clip of the dvd, and I will either link it or embed it here when I get it.