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2010 MLS Cup heads north of the border


Today it was announced by "the Don" that MLS Cup will be held in the great white north at BMO field in Toronto and while it may be a bit chilly as the average high on November 21st is just 43 degrees, the fans in Toronto have always showed up to support their team. 

So now comes the hard part, so how will fans of the teams playing in the match get tickets?  If as I expect TFC will offer MLS Cup tickets to their season ticket holders, hundreds or thousands of fans from Seattle, Salt Lake, LA, New York, or wherever the teams playing in the Cup match come from will be left out in the cold.  Now before you say, it won't happen that way, just look at the fact that in Seattle fans from both LA and Salt Lake were forced into the upper (3rd deck) of Qwest field and the experience while great wasn't a real fan friendly way to treat supporters of the teams that actually were playing in the match.

Now the league did have about 100 tickets for each team to allocate to their supporter groups in the "200" level of Qwest field, but most fans who didn't want to sit in the nosebleed sections ended up having to buy tickets from Sounders fans who didn't want to attend the match or scalpers.

I say it now and here that MLS should require that TFC reserve at least two full sections for the teams that will play in the Cup match.  I would suggest either using their newly built sections, or perhaps sections 127 and 119.  I have no doubt that the TFC supporter groups will show up in numbers and be as loud as normal but having fans with a vested interest is something that should the league does a better job of dealing with in 2010.