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US Women's soccer team (the snow angels) beat Mexico 1-0

Well the weather conditions were a bit dreadful for the match, but both sides made the best of it, in the end it was the best goal celebration I have ever seen in soccer that was the highlight of the match:

Abby 'snow angel" Wambach scored the only goal of the match in the 60th minute and then she celebrated in the only fashion worthy of the night.  She wasn't alone as she was joined by a few brave teammates:


I am no expert on womens soccer, but I have to say I enjoyed the talent level on display from both teams, and playing in conditions that would have sent most people scrambling for cover.  There ended up being several thousand fans in attendance and both the US and Mexico were well represented.

There was just the one goal by Abby Wambach in the 60th minute, it was her 105th goal in international competition and well her celebration was epic to say the least.  The final score was 1-0, but the match was very entertaining and the effort put forth in a friendly match played in brutal conditions spoke well about the state of the beautiful game when played by women.

It is amazing that Kristine Lilly is now playing for the national team in a fourth decade, simply amazing.

There are more pictures up at enjoy them and next time the women are in town get out to see them.