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Yura Movsisyan, be back in action this weekend

So after the MLS Cup and the end of the MLS season Yura Movsisyan headed off to join his new club in Denmark, Randers FC.  This weekend they will return to league action after their winter break and face Esbjerg, who currently sit in 3rd place in the Superliga.  Randers is sitting in 11th place, but considering the league only has 12 teams that isn't very good, in fact they are 13 points behind FC MIDTJYLLAND and safety from relegation.

Randers are 1-5-12 with just 13 goals scored for and 33 against, it is clear that for Yura the task is simple, score and do so as often as you can.  

Yura will be in the 18 on Sunday as Randers FC start their season back up,  He will be joining 3 other new faces on the squad according to the Randers website:

When Randers FC Sunday meetings Esbjerg 14.00 on Blue Water Arena can start drawing contain no fewer than four SAS League debutants. Club quartet of new players, Anders Egholm, Soren Jensen, Morten Karlsen and Yura Movsisyan is all included in the squad of 18 players who Ove Christensen take with them into play bus Sunday.

The squad is as follows:
Kevin Stuhr Ellegaard, Peter Friis Jensen, Alexander Fischer, Nicolas Bøgild, Robert Arzumanyan, Soren Pedersen, Kasper Lorentzen, Mads Fenger, Michael Byskov, Morten Karlsen, Anders Egholm, Ricki Olsen, Søren Berg, Marc Nygaard, Søren Jensen, Jonas Damborg, Mikkel Beckmann, and Yura Movsisyan.

I have send off an email to Yura in hopes of catching up with him and seeing how his transition to a new team in a new league in a new nation, the Randers FC front office has forwarded it to him and hopefully we will get an update soon.

I haven't found a feed for the match but you should be able to get updates on soccerway.