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CBA talks begin, opinions are still being formed

Today will be the first day that the MLS and MLSPU sit down with their new best friend federal mediator George Cohen, and while I don't expect a lot of news to come out from either side today, the soccer community is still offering up some opinion pieces on both sides:

From the Columbus Dispatch: MLS Should Give Free Agency

Uncommon Cents offers up: Why the MLS owners are fighting the union so hard

Match Fit USA had this to say last Friday: MLS CBA: The Mediator if you want a good primer of the issues MFUSA is a great place to get info, look to the right nav for a series of articles on the MLS CBA

It is now midday on the East coast and still there is little information coming out about today's CBA session, if I hear anything major I will post it as soon as I can.