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You knew this was coming, MLS adds a second DP slot and more

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In a desperate attempt to help the major market teams, MLS has given a second DP slot to teams, and they can purchase a 3rd DP slot.  Finally, news that I like as Landycakes will finally after years of skating around the rules, be counted as a DP.  So this would mean LA has already used both of their slots, with Landycakes and Becks.  

This is clearly a move to favor teams like LA, New York, and Seattle with very deep pockets and will do nothing to help the smaller market teams like KC, San Jose, and Salt Lake.  I believe a lot of this has to do with the fact that "Soccernomics" (a brilliant book on the numbers of soccer), tells us that having dominant teams doesn't impact the popularity of a league.

I think this move was predictable and I said so last year, some will say it rewards teams willing to take risks, I say BS, no team has won MLS Cup with a DP.  The league just reported that only 2 teams made money last year, and yet now they are encouraging teams to spend more money.  Is this an attempt to raise TV ratings, which in turn would allow MLS a better TV deal?  I am not sure but the dropping of the amount teams are charged for DP players, is a wise move either.  So if a player was making $350,000 they were not considered a DP because that amount was $415,000, but now a team is charged only $335,000 for a DP slot.  It is not clear if players that currently are making under the old DP cap but above the current cap would be counted as DP's or not.

I do like that no team can have more than 4 DP's and that the slots are no longer able to be traded.  Instead a team can spend $250,000 to purchase a 3rd or 4th DP slot and that money will be shared as allocation money for other teams.

If you want to know more about it, check out the story on, I will offer a more complete look at the new changes later tonight or tomorrow.