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Fans for Real Salt Lake and the Seattle Sounders impress last night

So last night was as a good night at Rio Tinto from the perspective of attendance, the RSL staff predicted 17,000 but well over 19,000 showed up as the ticket lines were backed up with walk up traffic, but the regular fans showed up in great numbers all around the stadium.  I don't know if it was just the energy of the night or the influence of Sounders and their fans (who also showed up in numbers) but I saw more RSL fans standing all around the stadium than in the past, a trend I hope continues.

Anyhow I thought I would share some of my favorite fan pictures of the night:

Yes even Cookie Monster couldn't wait for the RSL home opener

Well if Brett and the store staff wondered if the hockey mask would be popular, that question is answered

More pictures after the jump:

He may not be 6 foot plus but Josh Bryant's heart and mohwak are as big as anyones

It was really a great showing by the Sounders fans, you have to respect fans who travel to watch their team play.

Even when they have to use mass transit to get all the way to Sandy

Now that is one big cup

Nothing better than an unpaid fan endorsement of your product

The RCB and others in their places and ready to go

La Barra Real in their places and ready to go

You have to count these guys as fans too, even if they are wearing suits

I will always be a fan of our military (thanks for all that you do)

Even in sowing their sour grapes at RSL's MLS Cup Celebration, the Sounders fans were inventive.

The Royal Pride bunker was full of action

you know a person is excited when they bring Cookie Monster to a match

The kids didn't seem to mind the adults too much

If your willing to wear a hockey mask I have to give you two "shout outs"

same deal for a huge group of travelling fans

Nothing like celebrating a goal with a couple thousand of your closet friends

Celebrating with a Ruffneck RSL MLS Cup Champions ship scarf (limited edition-check with the team store to see if they are still available)

Even from the other side of the pitch the south end stands looked good

All around the stadium pockets of standing fans, I hope this trend continues

So if wearing a mask gets your picture taken, you know this guy with mask and flag has to be my fan of the match.

For those of you who didn't make it out for whatever reason, I hope this convinces you to get your tickets for the May 1st match against Toronto FC.  If you made it to the match, I hope this helps you relive a fun evening at Rio Tinto Stadium.