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Why after 21 years the Hillsborough tragedy still matters

This is a departure from my normal coverage, it will be the only post that I put up today, I only ask that you read the post with respect and allow it to remind you how precious life is.

I don't care if you are a fan of the EPL, I don't care if you are a fan of Liverpool, as human beings what happened on April 15th 1989 is a tragedy.  When men, women, and children who went to see a sporting event die it is a tragedy, when people still are left searching for the truth and justice 21 years later it is a tragedy.  

I still can vaguely remember that day, the broadcast on the news, I had been to some NASL matches growing up, I had attended some matches while stationed in Germany shortly before this event.  I knew then that it had been a tragedy, several year later as I really began to follow soccer more closely, I chose to cheer for Liverpool, not because of the tragedy they had suffered, but rather because of how they have to this day honored those lost in the tragedy.  

Each year on the 15th of April, memorial services are held as those who lost family members, friends, and even those who simply are driven to compassion by the events of that tragedy mourn the loss of so many.  The game of football changed as a result, rules where changed, stadiums were changed, and yet nothing anyone can do will ever bring back those lost on that day.

I am going to provide some links that I believe are important for people to check out, as fans of the beautiful game I feel we have an obligation to know and understand the good as well as the bad about the game we love.

An article from Peter Hooton via the LFC website, someone who was there that day tells the story of Heroes

The BBC's on this day report for April 15th 

Wikipedia's page 

Fact Sheet from Football Industry Group

What has amazed me over the last decade as the sport has grown in the US, it that some for whatever reason have bought into things that have been proven as lies, the spread and say vile things about that day.  For one person it cost him his job, his career, and his reputation.  Click here to read a interesting piece on the demise of Steven Cohen from

For me I can only say that when I think about that day, those fans, their families, and their friends I can find nothing but compassion and sorrow. Even 21 years later the search for the truth and for justice are still underway, the bishop of Liverpool is head of the Hillsborough Independent Panel, click here to read about their fight for justice.

You can find more tribute videos here and thelive memorial service can be viewed on LFC TV

If you want to write spiteful, hate fill comments, you can I will ban you from my site and pray that someday you will grow up and become an actual adult.

I for one will be spending the day thinking about those who lost their lives for simply trying to attend a match to support the team they loved.  I will pray for the families and friends who lost people on that day, and I for one will never forget the 96 who died 21 years ago.