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Real Salt Lake 1 - LA Galaxy 2 (post match quotes)

Well after the 2-1 loss at the HDC last night the following quotes were offered up: 

On RSL's performance:

"They played outstanding. We all knew the circumstances coming into this game. Having played 120 minutes Wednesday night was a difficult situation for us, and our guys handled it really well. For me, the details of the game are still some of the hardest to put together. When you don't have 100% fitness, when you are not 100% ready for these matches and regenerated for the match, that is where sometimes the difference can be. You can see tonight, Edson [Buddle] makes two fantastic individual plays and that is the difference in the game."

On Edson Buddle:

"I cannot remember ever seeing a guy that is this on fire. Everything he is touching is quality and the goals he is scoring are uncanny."

On Nick Rimando:

"I think Nick [Rimando] is playing very well right now - and we need him to. We need individual guys to step forward and have great performances and he has done that in every match."

More quotes after the jump:


On the match:

"We got a very important goal right before the end of the (first) half. We tried to keep possession of the ball in the second half and I thought we did well probably up until the 75th minute. I don't know if the guys got tired from our Wednesday game, but Edson [Buddle] is in fantastic form right now. He had some great shots tonight and he finished two."

Thoughts after going down a goal:

"We weren't panicking at all. This team has fought a lot of doubters from last year and we are doing it again this year. It is a long season and that is why the Galaxy were the Western Conference champs last year and they are one of the top teams in the league right now. We tried to measure up to them tonight, and while we were missing a couple of players I think we did well."

On his role on the team:

"I have been through a lot. My skill is to possess the ball and try to get the team as calm as possible whenever we start panicking. We need to keep the ball away and kind of control things in midfield, and I thought we did well for most of the game until the end."


On his goal:

"I guess we whipped it in off a corner and it came off of I think [Michael] Stephens' head. He tried to clear it and it came to me, so I took a touch and tried to get a hard shot on goal."

On tonight's loss:

"It is early in the season. We definitely would have liked to come away with a point or a win, but Edson Buddle is on fire right now. He is something else. He's playing at a different level and he is really carrying them right now."


On tonight's game:

"We obviously didn't want them to get behind us; we wanted them to play in front of us. To be fair they didn't have a lot of chances in the game, a few set pieces - and obviously they made the first one and they were dangerous on a couple of others. They really had one or two chances in the run of play and they scored the second one in the second half, and that is was what good teams do."

On his exchange of words with Edson Buddle:

"That is between me and him. I know him pretty well; we both played in the U-23's. After the game there are no hard feelings, but when we are on the field we like to battle and that's what happens."

Statements from the other side of the result were of course a bit more upbeat:


On Galaxy the play of Edson Buddle:

"I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. I mean, the goals are going in but there are other chances in the game where he is just missing. He's getting pulled around like people wouldn't believe. He's getting fouled and hammered and with a little more luck tonight he would have scored three or four."

On the battle between Buddle and Real Salt Lake defender Nat Borchers:

"At one point he got tangled up with Nat pretty good in the second half and he was pretty riled up. I said, look, man, just put it in the net. And he did. Nat didn't have much to say after that."

On the Galaxy's depth:

"We pride ourselves on our depth. By contrast, Salt Lake had a couple of injuries and it really affected them. We've had a lot of injuries - a lot of injuries to veteran players. So, we don't have a lot of leadership on the field right now and guys are stepping in, kind of learning on the run, and doing a great job."


On the win:

"It's a good win overall. It was a tough game, we let them back in five minutes before the half and you never want to do that in any game. You want to maintain the lead going into half, whether it's a mental lapse or a lucky bounce. Bottom line is we won and we want to find ourselves in those games coming out on top."

On his hot start:

"It's good. I've always stayed levelheaded because, like I said, there are always ups and downs. I'm just enjoying it right now and I hope that I keep scoring."


On the win:

"The guys were brilliant tonight. That is one of the games where we played good soccer, passed the ball around and Edson took another two chances - he's on fire at the moment - and it's another three points and we're full of confidence."

On playing with a forward who is as hot as Edson:

"It's great. Everything he's touching at the moment is going in the back of the net. We just need to capitalize on that while he's scoring and we need to collect three points as well, which we are doing. We've only conceded one goal so Donovan and the defense need to get a lot of credit, but Edson's scored seven goals in four games and he's full of confidence so we're feeding off that and want to keep doing so next weekend in Kansas City."

It is clear that RSL suffered from some level of fatigue and a few mistakes cost ended costing them a result.  I believed at the start of the season that RSL would need to get 6 points out of this rough 4 of 5 matches on the road to start the season.  This means that RSL will need to find a way to get a full 3 points in Columbus this weekend, a task that would have seemed rough at the start of last year, but after their 3 to 2 win in the second leg of their 1st round playoff match last year, well nothing seems out of the reach of RSL.