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Simple Reality- Give Buddle his due

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So the web/blogosphere is full of people talking about both Edson Buddle and Hercules Gomez and if they deserve an invite next month to the USMNT camp as the team prepares for the World Cup. To be completely honest I am amazed at the question, many of the people posing this question have no problem putting Conor Casey, or Brian Ching (if healthy) on the team but when asked about Buddle, they cringe as if someone opened a container of sour milk. They guy is on fire, and right now clearly has a nose for goal, something the US can really use, remember the whopping two goals we scored in group play in 2006? Buddle has that many in almost every match he has played in this year.

The biggest factor for me jumping on the Buddle bandwagon a couple weeks ago was the clear development of the relationship between him and USMNT stud Landon Donovan. Watching these two play together gives one real hope that they might be able to create some real damage on the international stage. After seven years and a number of injuries it clearly is time to give Edson his due, when he was healthy in 2008 he was a huge offensive weapon with 15 goals, 2009 saw him only get to play in 19 matches but he still scored 5 goals. This year we are just 4 matches into the season and his 7 goals are best in MLS history. So answer me why you wouldn't give him a shot? He is a physical player, just watch the game tape of him and Nat Borchers battling for 90 minutes. He has size, at 6'1" 185 lbs, he is a solid target on ground or in the air.

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So what impact would it have on the current team? Well considering that in January and February camps that players where brought in who have no chance of actually making the team. So when was the last time that the 23-25 core players were together was when? So how exactly is bringing in a new player who daily practices with one of the main guys of the starting 11 going to upset the apple cart? Now I could understand the issue if there were some skeleton in the closet between Edson and other players on the team, or coaching staff but I don't know of any such thing.

So I again am stuck asking the question of why wouldn't you bring Edson Buddle into the US camp next month? I have yet to read an argument that holds any real water. Would you rather have a guy who plays in Europe and has played about 200 minutes in the last several months, a guy who has been injured who is on the path back to recovery but hasn't played in months, or a guy who is the hottest striker in MLS right now?

So I see the striker situation as this, Jozy is in, Charlie if healthy is in, Clint is in if you consider him a forward, Landon is more of the same, then for me it comes down to Eddie Johnson, Robbie Findley, Hercules Gomez, and Edson Buddle. For me that choice is kinda clear at this point, it is all about 7 goals in 4 matches and playing day in and day out with Landycakes. Give Edson his kit and let's get ready for the Brit's in 51 days.