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MLS Week 5 results and power rankings

Well it was an ugly week for my picks, but more than a couple were decided based on the officials and not by play on the pitch, but here is what my picks looked like:

My Picks

Actual Results

Seattle 2 - FC Dallas 1

Seattle 2 - FC Dallas 2

New York 2 - Philadelphia 0

New York 2 - Philly 1

Colorado 2 - New England 2

Colorado 2 - New England 1

LA Galaxy 2 - Kansas City 1

LA Galaxy 0 - KC Wizards 0

Houston 2 - Chicago 1

Chicago 2 - Houston 0

San Jose 1 - Chivas USA 1

Chivas USA 3 - San Jose 2

Real Salt Lake 2 - Columbus 1

Columbus 1 - RSL 0

Seattle 1 - Toronto FC 0

TFC 2 - Seattle 0

So in the 8 matches above there were 5 PK's issues in 3 different matches were impacted by the officials pointing to the spot.

So with only one exception this week the home side got a result, which is a trend I picked against despite the facts but a couple things remain unchanged in my power rankings:

16. DC United (-) - 0-4-0 - You can't  move up if you don't play and the reality is that DC United still has a lot to prove to get out of the basement and their task on Saturday will be to try to derail the New York Red Bulls, a task that most teams are finding hard to do.

15. Philadelphia Union (-) - 1-3-0 - They are starting to look a bit better but mistakes are still costing them and without Le Toux this team would be winless and have only 1 goal.  Next up for Philly is a west coast trip to face still unbeaten LA, then on the 8th they come to Rio Tinto Stadium to face RSL

The rest of my power rankings after the jump:

14. FC Dallas (-2) - 0-1-3 - Well they drop despite getting a draw on Thursday night, they were gifted that result and I am not going to gift them a higher place as both their goals in that match came from the PK spot and both were less than solid calls.

13. Real Salt Lake (-3) - 1-3-1 - I have no doubt that RSL will move back up the rankings in the coming weeks, they started with 4 of 5 matches on the road, and 4 of 5 against 2009 playoff teams, now they have 4 of 5 at home and 3 of 5 against teams that didn't make the playoffs last year.  First up TFC on May 1st.

12. New England Revolution (-4) - 2-3-0 - The only thing worse than losing is losing at home, New England did just that and next up are two more Western conference foes, FC Dallas on the 1st and then Chivas USA on Wednesday, and then a road trip to Columbus so a lot could change in the next two weeks for the Rev.

11. Chivas USA (+3) - 2-3-0 - A win at home against a conference foe should have moved Chivas higher but I was unimpressed with their lack of discipline in the match against San Jose.  This team has a lot of talent but eventually they will need to really start living up to it, first up is a more solid effort on defense.

10. San Jose Earthquakes (-3) - 2-2-0 - A loss to Chivas could have moved San Jose lower but they only have two losses and I was impressed the way they battled back against Chivas and now they get to go home and face off against the hot Colorado Rapids on Saturday.

9. Houston Dynamo (-3) - 2-2-1 - A weak effort at home drop the Creamsicles down the rankings a bit, but a big week at home next week as they face KC on the 1st and FC Dallas on the 5th.  We could see Houston moving up quick if they like RSL can handle their business at home.

8. Toronto FC (+5) - 2-3-0 - I think I am being kind to TFC who could have found themselves as low as 12 but their win today against Seattle was impressive (well the second half was) and it may have been fatigue on the part of too much travel for Seattle but I think at home that TFC like most MLS teams find a way to get it done.  Their stay in the top 10 could be short lived as they travel to Rio Tinto this weekend and a loss there would drop them back as quickly as they moved up.

7. Seattle Sounders FC (-4) - 2-2-2 - While they may have been jobbed by the last minute PK call in Dallas, they didn't play that well against a team they clearly are better than, then they drug themselves into Toronto and simply looked bad.  As the only team to have played 6 matches I cut them some slack and they can do themselves a huge favor if they beat Columbus at Qwest field on Saturday.

6. Chicago Fire (+5) - 2-2-1 - A convincing win against Houston at home (a place they usually struggle) is enough to show that the Fire may be heating up.  I said it before if Pappa plays well, then the Fire are a quality side and now they get to bring another Western conference team into Toyota park as Chivas comes to town, another win andthey might just find a place in the top 5.

5. Columbus (+4) - 2-0-1 - As one of only two teams to not have tasted defeat yet, they can send gifts to the officials who gifted them a result against RSL but a win is a win and they move up to the top 5.  Now they get to face a mad Seattle team at Qwest field, it will be interesting to see how the Seattle fans react to some hard times for their team early in the season, if they beat up on the Crew I won't be crying any tears.

4. Kansas City (-) - 2-1-1 - Getting a result against LA is impressive, doing so in a very ugly fashion not so much, but KC continue to do enough to get results, now they travel to Houston to face the Dynamo and getting a result in that match will do much to silent the many who still doubt this teams place at the top of the rankings.

3. Colorado Rapids (+2) - 3-1-1 - It pains me to see Colorado this high in the rankings as I really don't believe it is a true reflection but they got a win on the road over a Eastern Conference foe so I have to follow the numbers.  Now can they go to San Jose and get a result?

2. New York Red Bulls (-) - 4-1-0 - It was only Philly but a win is a win, and with a match at DC United coming up, the Red Bulls will have another chance to beat up on a bottom of the power rankings team.  This one could be interesting as you have to figure with the week off that DC United might have a trick or two in store for the Red Bulls, but so far they look like a very solid team.

1. LA Galaxy (-) - 4-0-1 - Well their perfect record isn't perfect anymore, they still have only given up a single goal and getting a result in bad weather on a bad pitch against a solid KC team is more than enough to keep them up top ot the rankings and a match this weekend at home against expansion side Philadelphia, look for the Galaxy to get Buddle back on the score sheet and to keep their goals allowed total very, very low.

Well there you have my weekly MLS power rankings, coming Tuesday evening will be the SB Nation tier'ed rankings and then you can see how my list matches up against the other SB Nation soccer bloggers.