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Real Salt Lake announces exchange dates for season ticket holders

Well I just got an email from my ticket rep announcing that RSL has set up 5 exchange dates for unused season tickets:


  • Friday, June 25th vs. San Jose
  • Saturday, July 31st vs. DC United
  • Saturday, August 14th vs. Columbus
  • Saturday, September 18th vs. Chicago
  • Saturday, October 16th vs. FC Dallas
Here are the details:
As part of your season ticket holder benefits, we will have 5 exchange dates for this season. What this means is that in the event you are unable to attend a game for any reason, you can exchange your unused tickets for a select exchange date game. In order to exchange your tickets you MUST bring your unused tickets to the box office and we will exchange your tickets for the best available seats in your price category.


I like that not only do we have more dates this year but some great matches (Fire, Crew, and Cunny & boys). Anyhow now you know when the exchange dates are.