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MLS Week 2 recap

Well it has been said many times that in soccer the best team doesn't always win, and if you watched the week 2 matches you know that is often true.

One can easily say that RSL was the better team in their matchup with Houston, but two PK's and they lost 2-1.  Also on Thursday it was the LA Galaxy vs Chivas USA, and clearly the better team LA won the match 2-0.

The weekend only saw 3 matches and while I only saw limited amounts of the Colorado vs. Chicago match, it looked like the two sides were fairly evenly matched and sure enough it ended up 2-2, with neither side being able to claim victory.  

New England may have gotten the win but they were not the better team for 90 minutes, in fact they were only the better team for 3 minutes and even then it was the efforts of Kenny Mansally who was better.  However one has to wonder what DC United is going to do in order to score a goal, before the season started I said they would rise or fall on Jamie Moreno and so far he hasn't been able to score and they haven't been able to win.  New England is battling with a bunch of new players but once they all get on the same sheet of music, they may be much better than I expected.  I think Cory Gibbs provides them some veteran leadership but I was really impressed by Emmanuel Osei.

Seattle was the better team for most of their match, but the first 20 minutes belonged to New York, who did look good in the midfield by controlling possession.  Once they took the lead, they were hard to breakdown and Seattle simply couldn't find a way to get on the score sheet as they went down 1-0 to the Red Bulls.

So my picks for the weekend were crappy at best: 
My Pick                                 Result
RSL 1 - Houston 1             RSL 1 - Houston 2
LA 2 - Chivas 1                    LA 2 - Chivas 0
Rapids 2 - Chicago 1        Rapids 2 - Chicago 2
DC 2 - New England 0      DC 0 - New England 0
Seattle 2 - New York 1       Seattle 0 - New York 1

So I got one right and 4 wrong, not a good showing on my part.