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OK, enough with the rumors about who is or might be coming to Major League Soccer

OK, I get that the Red Bulls have lots of money, I get they are willing to add one and maybe two more DP's to their roster.  Either get the deals done or stop with the rumors:

Just in the last 24 hours we have two more sources talking about rumors that have been around for months:

Henry will or won't come but the Sun says it is a done deal, but have no source mentioned:

TERRY HENRY will walk away from Barcelona to join David Beckham in America.
The ex-Arsenal hero, 32, has signed a pre-contract agreement to join New York Red Bulls for the summer's Major League season.

Read more:

Then there is the SI piece on Ze Roberto joining the Red Bulls, some interesting sources on this one:

The 35-year-old midfielder is reportedly tempted by the possibility to play for the New York Red Bulls next season; Hamburg sources told that the MLS team has offered the midfielder a three-year deal worth $15 million after taxes. "He will do everything he can to get out of his last remaining year at HSV," said Kai Schiller, football writer for Hamburger Abendblatt.  Read More: 

I get that they have a fancy new stadium, and I believe a guy like Henry will sell a ton of jerseys, bring in sponsors, and more, but Ze Roberto?  I don't think his draw would be anywhere near the same.

I get the whole rumor thing, it is be press in other places where these types of deals are done often.  But out of all the rumors in the last 18 months about who is coming to MLS and when, how many have come true?  Of the ones that did come true how many have really made a difference?

Sorry just needed to vent as I am tired of countless tweets and google news updates on things that have usually few sources and often are just hot air.