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Your 2010 US Mens National Team World Cup gear, my favorite items

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So I am not a huge fan of the "sash" kits, I made that known months ago, I do think the white version is bearable.  That doesn't mean that there isn't some killer USMNT gear, both licensed and otherwise this year, and of course I have bought way too much of it, but I thought I would go over a couple of my favorite items.  It is probably too late to get them for the US vs. England match on Saturday but still time to get many items and enjoy them for the World Cup and well beyond.

First up scarves:

available on ebay

this one was available on big soccer

more items after the jump:

This official scarf from US Soccer is one of my favorites as well

A category that I haven't seen nearly as many possible items as I would like is hats, but my top two are:

The original DTOM hat, which is one of my all time favorites is out of stock currently at US Soccer

This version is available in blue or white from US Soccer a nice enough hat but if you prefer the flex fit style go with option one.

So a couple of the shirts that have caught my eye this World Cup cycle are:

This shirt from Objectivo for the American Outlaws

now I ordered this shirt from US Soccer but I got this one (not sure if I like it as much)


This one was out of stock:

but is now back in stock at US Soccer

This one from Bumpy Pitch is a great use of classic design with a little flair of the BP style

So to leave the world of clothing, here are a couple other items that caught my eye for various reasons:


This is the Ubuntu pin from US Soccer and to understand why this is cool, here is what Ubuntu means in African culture:

A person with Ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good, for he or she has a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a greater whole

Another unique item that was offered is:

which is available from a couple different vendors including I needed a new messenger bag so I got this one, it lacks a couple features that I would like, another inside pocket would have been great but a good bag.

Just saw this item the other day and I like it, going to hold off until after the World Cup and hope it goes on clearance, but if you want one now World Soccer Shop has it in stock.

Of course we all know that is is all about the shoes:

So while Adidas isn't an USMNT vendor, they did offer these on their miadidas site

I ended up going with a cheaper more generic version available exclusively at Dick's Sporting Goods

Neither of those are close to the cool factor of the 2006 offering by Nike:


So if you have something you thought was a cool item this year, just drop me an email at and let me know.