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Let the World Cup begin (S. Africa vs Mexico & France vs Uruguay)

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SA team guide
SA team guide

OK, I am not going to be claiming to be a World Cup expert but I am going to pull together a daily post with some information for you about the matches of the next day.  Here is the SBNation preview of the days action

So in this case we have the Opening Match of the tournament which features the host team South Africa against Mexico:

Here are the World Cup team guides for each team (these are one page guides similar to our SB Nation match guides):

Mexico Reference Card

South Africa Reference Card

Official FIFA match preview

ESPN Match Preview

France vs. Uruguay after the jump:

The other opening day match will feature the 1998 Champions France vs. two time winners Uruguay (30, 38).  I know many fans will be cheering against France because of how they got to the World Cup and the "Le hand of God" that gave them a 1-1 draw against Ireland and put them into the Cup and has turned Thierry Henry into a villain around the world.

France Reference Card

Uruguay Reference Card

Official FIFA Match Preview

ESPN Match Preview

OK, that should be enough to get your fired up for tomorrow morning and educated enough to enjoy the matches even more than normal.