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Saturday Team Guides: Greece, South Korea, Argentina, Nigeria, England, and the USA

OK, here are the links to the SB Nation team sites, and the exclusive SB Nation Team Quick Reference Cards for the Saturday Matchups:

The early match (5:30am MT-ESPN) features:

Greece - Team Guide
South Korea - Team Guide

Then we get another match (8:00am MT-ESPN) will be a classic South America vs. Africa matchup between:

Argentina - Team Guide
Nigeria - Team Guide

Of course the biggest match of the opening weekend of the World Cup is the 1950 rematch of the United States of America versus England, that match will be featured on ABC at 12:30pm MT

England - Team Guide
USA - Team Guide

To check out the SB Nation preview of the matches, click here

To check out SI's offerings on the match click here, here, or here

Ives thinks the US can beat England and lists his reasons here

I will be doing some posts from the American Outlaws viewing party from the ESPN Zone in Las Vegas.