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SB Nation and my Power Rankings for Major League Soccer

OK, we know there is a break in the MLS schedule (very smart thing to do, good work Don), but last week 8 teams did see action and that means SB Nation's soccer bloggers have voted to see where the teams line up:

SBNhanced MLS Power Rankings!


Team Total vote count First Tier votes Last week's Tier
Tier 1 - Teams Contending For Cups
LA Galaxy 21 7 1
Real Salt Lake 21 7 1
Columbus Crew 20 6 1
Tier 2 - Teams Likely in the Playoffs
Colorado Rapids 17 3 2
NY Red Bulls 15 1 2
Toronto FC 14 0 2
SJ Earthquakes 13 0 2
Tier 3 - Teams On the Outside Looking In
Chicago Fire 9 0 3
FC Dallas 8 0 3
KC Wizards 7 0 4
Houston Dynamo 7 0 3
Seattle Sounders 6 0 3
Tier 4 - Teams Competing for #3 Draft Pick
DC United 2 0 4
NE Revolution 1 0 3
Philadelphia Union 0 0 4
Chivas USA 0 0 4


The SBNhanced MLS Power Rankings are a collaborative effort by SBN's soccer bloggers to rank the MLS teams each week.

Week 12 rankings.  Updated 6/15/10.

So how did these lineup with my Power Rankings?

16. Chivas USA (-1)

It is easy to move down when you don't play.  For Chivas that is the case.

15. Philadelphia Union (-1)

Another road match, another loss for the Union, but all is not lost.  They are almost ready to open their new stadium and with that emotion and the time to practice more, well look for Philly to improve their record.  They are still an expansion team but Nowak will get some wins.

More after the jump:

14. DC United (+2)

Well I said if they got a result in Seattle I would move them out of the bottom spot and I am going to stay true to my word as I move DC United up to two spots out of the basement.  This team and organization still have some real issues that they need to deal with.

13. KC Wizards (+1)

Home wins over teams ranked below you aren't impressive, but I give KC some credit for finding the back of the net. Now they will need to find a way to keep themselves on the winning track.

Steve Ralston to the rescue?  Really?  So the guy jumped ship for a chance to play in his home town, but when that team folded, he comes back and while he couldn't even keep a team afloat for half a season the Rev's fans think he will somehow bring them out of the depths of mediocre play?  Good Luck.

11. Houston Dynamo (-)

Listen it was never going to be easy to replace to World Cup caliber players, then toss in some injury issues and you can see how hard it is to build and keep a team together in MLS.  I still hold out some hope for the Dynamo, they almost always start slow in MLS and they always have pulled it together when it matters most.

Well many in the Emerald city are pinning their hopes on Swiss striker Blaise Nkufo can be their saving grace, with Keller and Ljunberg looking more average than exceptional they will need something.

9. Chicago Fire (+1)

Well the Fire are in the middle of the pack, a win at home over Colorado is a good way for them to go into the break, there are still a lot of questions for the Fire.  Number one is will Conde stay or go in the summer transfer window?

8. FC Dallas (-)

You have to believe that all the draws early in the year could come back to help FC Dallas make the playoffs this year, it worked for LA.  There is some good young talent on this team, but getting them to play as a team and to play consistently week in and week out is the remaining challenge.

Well it may have been the hot start that the Quakes got off to that caught them off guard as the season has progressed and the break could be a great thing for them as they started to look a bit tired over the last couple weeks.

6. Toronto FC (-)

The team known for their solid home play has shown some real heart on the road this year, can they find a way to keep it all together and make a run at the playoffs?  Not so sure about that one.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the early MLS season is the Red Bulls, so what will the arrival of Henry do? Distraction and confusion, or scoring and wins?

4. Colorado Rapids (-1)

The Rapids have built a good midfield and solid defensive team, if they can score without PK's they might just find themselves fighting for a playoff spot.

3. Columbus Crew (-1)

Many think the recent struggles of the Crew are a fluke, I think the early wins were a fluke and that the Crew are a far more average team than they are an exceptional team.  The next few weeks should shed a lot of light on the question.

When you beat the number one team you move up, when you control the match against them and force them to play your style of play and adjust to you, well you move up two spots.  Shame that the next time LA and RSL could meet would be in the playoffs.

1. LA Galaxy (-)

That warm trickle running down your face is from the bloody nose that RSL gave your undefeated streak, so will you man up or wimp out and ask why me?  The bigger question for the long term success is, will Landon be back after the World Cup?

OK, just thought we needed a little MLS news to keep us thinking about our boys while the focus is on the World Cup.