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Fans around the US celebrate "The Goal"

OK, you all know by now that I am a fan of the Represent video by Weezer, but I saw this on Landon Donovan's Facebook page and thought we might all enjoy it:

Folks, I have no idea what Saturday will hold, but this is what I said about Wednesday's match and our US Men's National Soccer Team:

This was without a doubt one of the most exciting matches in US history, and ESPN should make it an instant classic and reshow it on the ESPN Classics channel.  I think it was the most entertaining of the 20 plus World Cup matches I have watched so far this year, I had to wonder if the US would at some point get frustrated, after the bad offside call again cost them a goal in a big match.  I wondered if their energy level would drop off, and it did for a few minutes, but this team simply refuse to quit.  No matter how many people doubt, and trust me there are plenty, no matter how bad the calls, and trust me they are plenty of them too, no matter what the situation is, this group of 23 men simply refuse to go away.  I know some are growing weary of the "Don't Tread on Me" theme and mentality around US Soccer, but for me it is a match like today, where no matter the odds, no matter the circumstances, no matter what they were going to fight until they had nothing left to give, and to be honest it is that type of heart that makes me so very proud of this generation of US Soccer players.

I also chimed in with this nugget:

Maybe it is that I have watched all of this teams players for so many years now, maybe it is that by blogging I pay more attention, but something feels very special about this group and as much fun as I poke at Landon when he is in a LA kit, when he puts on a kit with the US crest he really is inspirational to watch. He is an incredible blend of heart, talent, passion, desire and determination as I have ever seen in a professional athlete.

It was just a month ago when many people questioned the logic of Bob Bradley for some of his roster choices, but now we sit in the round of 16, winners of our group and ready for the next challenge. I think it is the constant questioning, the constant doubting, the fact that so few people know enough about this team to know that they are even better than they have shown so far, that drives them. Whatever it is, I am proud of what this team has already done, and I can't wait to see what they do next.

I know tomorrow is a RSL match and I love my team as much as anyone, but I think all of us should show up and support both our club and our nation.  I would love to see the stands filled with RSL and US flags, banners, shirts, hats, and whatever else you can think of.  Let's consider the match tomorrow as a restart of the MLS season for Real Salt Lake and as a pep rally for the USMNT as they face Ghana on Saturday, are you with me?