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Real Salt Lake vs. Chivas USA - Contest for tickets

OK, the match is going to be a sell out, there were only a couple hundred single seat tickets left this morning, but I happen to have two tickets in great seats (section 4, row d, seats 1-2).  So I thought it would be a fun time to run a little contest and see who can impress me enough to win them.

I want to know your best RSL story, or see your best RSL picture, or hear your best RSL chant.  Yes this means if you want great seats for Saturday's big match, then you will have to do more than just read this post.

I will be nice and not force all of you to post your stuff here in the comment section, but you can if you want.  Instead I will let you email me your best shot at the free tickets.  I will set a deadline of noon tomorrow, with me making a decision by 2pm (so you have plenty of time to get ready for the match).  

Just so you understand the rules (yes I am making them up as I go), your goal is to impress me with your best RSL story, picture, video, chant, whatever you think will convince me that you are worthy of my tickets for the match.  

Keep it above the waistline, and know that whatever information you send me could very well end up published here, so if you don't want what you send to be made public, then don't send it.

OK, so if you want the tickets then email me, but know that I am not easy to impress and these tickets would cost you at least $60 bucks if I were to just sell them.  So now is your chance to prove your fandom to me, and get free tickets.