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Manchester United manhandles the All-Stars!!!

Okay Soapboxers...I watched the MLS All-star game last night and knowing Denz he watched the Sounders game.

So, I will give you my "two cents" on the game.  Just look at the title of this post!  Yes, that is it!  Man U beat down the MLS All-stars.  I have to give the All-stars some credit where credit is due.  They did turn up the intenstiy after going down 0-2 at the '12 mark  The only problem I saw with the MLS squad was that they really weren't in sync with each other...granted this was the first time that they had played together.

I know one thing, Man U is the real deal!  They are such a great and efficient attacking team.  What is scary is that they didn't play four of their top players because of the World Cup layover.

We all knew that the All-Stars would have there hands full with this Man U team, but it really did look like Man U was too much for them. 

If you weren't sitting down at the start of this game then you would have missed the first score for Man U.  Italian-born Frederico Macheda scored off of a lazy pass from New England's Alston to our very own Olave within the first 25 seconds of the match! 

And at the '12 mark, 18-year-old Macheda scored again with a header off a corner kick, which made the score 0-2.  The MLS All-Stars had a great opportunity near the end of the first half when Juan Pablo Angel's blast was saved by Van der Sar.  And at half, Manchester United was up 0-2.

The second half started off well for the All-Stars with Houston's very own Brian Ching scoring on a header off a set piece at the '64 mark.  It wouldn't last long with Man U countering and scoring two more goals within nine (9) minutes.  The third goal hit the back of the net by Darron Gibson who perfectly placed the ball in the upper left corner of the goal and Tom Cleverley's unbelievable ball handling score for the fourth goal of the match.  Cleverley's goal was so fantastic that words cannot describe it.

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And at the '84 mark, Mexican National Team member, Javier Hernandez scored his first career goal with Manchester United in his very first match wearing the Red Devils jersey.  Toronto FC's De Rosario scored at the '90 mark which was the last goal scored in the 2010 MLS All-star game making the score 2-5...Manchester United.  This is the 2nd year in a row that the MLS All-stars have lost the All-star game.  The previous four (4) games the MLS All-stars have beaten European League teams.

I was so impressed with Manchester United's team and I couldn't believe how extremely young they are.  This U.S. tour for their team gave their young players an opportunity to show their skill set and it gives Man U a wonderful future product in the E.P.L.

Just look at the ages of the Man U players who scored in this game.  Macheda, age 18; Gibson, age 22; Cleverley, age 20 and Chicharito, age 22.