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Real Salt Lake 2 - Columbus Crew 0 Post match press conference and comments

OK, folks the match is over and here is the post match press conference video with RSL head coach Jason Kreis:

Here are the official post match comments from Jason:

Thoughts on the win:

"I think we've had a really successful run of games. The last home game and then two away in difficult circumstances ... to get those two draws, then to come home and get a convincing win against a really good team makes us feel quite good about where we're at right now."

Thoughts on Javier Morales:

"Javier was spectacular tonight. We were really concerned because he was really active for us in Philadelphia (on Wednesday). Coming off of that match I thought he was one of our best players out there; on the ground he covered for us offensively, and how alert he was defensively in that match, he was spectacular. I kind of expected a letdown tonight, so I was really, really pleased to see how up for this game he was."

Thoughts on Nick Rimando:

"I'm really pleased with Nick Rimando's performance here tonight. He made some critical, critical saves for us. But at two-nil at home, I'd prefer he didn't have to make those saves."

Thoughts on Wednesday's CONCACAF Champions League opener:

"All of these games are going to affect every decision. Talking to quite a few of the guys last week, we made the decision to rest a bunch of them. I talked to all of them individually, and I was a little surprised. I thought it was going to be a little bit of a sales job for me to tell them how important this tournament is for our club. As has happened many times before, my players made me very pleased because they were all saying how important it was to them."

more quotes from the RSL and Columbus locker rooms after the jump:


Thoughts on the game:

"We dominated possession, and defensive I thought we were really sharp. From minute one we played really well, so I think that this was one of our best results. It was about us tonight - how we were going to come out, how we were going to play, our energy level, how we were going to create chances. Javier [Morales] had just a dominating performance in the midfield and he changed the game."

Thoughts on Javier Morales:

"I think that if you look over the season this far, you're probably not going to see another player dominate a game like he did tonight. I thought that he was spectacular. You need guys like that to change the game. If you have a bunch of vanilla guys like myself who just go out and play defense you're not going to get the chances, but when you have a guy like Javier who changes games, it's just fantastic."


Thoughts on tonight's result:

"It's a huge three points. We wanted to get a win on the road (last week) but we had two hard-fought ties. After that you are kind of itching for that win and tonight was that night where we got three much-needed points to keep in the race. We all knew the result of the LA game before we got into the match so there were some motivations there and our team went out and played really good soccer today."

Thoughts on the upcoming CONCACAF game:

"Obviously it's difficult because we don't know any of their players and that's going to be up to the coaches to find scouting reports. But the first game at home is big for us; we're comfortable here, we play good here, and we have to get a win here."


Overall thoughts on the match:

"I think Salt Lake played a good first half. They possessed the ball well and we basically chased the game. There was an error on the first goal, and it was a good shot by [Javier] Morales. In the second half we started pretty well and we possessed the ball, we found a rhythm."

On the team's first half struggles:

"We weren't aggressive. We lost the middle of the field and that caused us to lose the 50-50 balls and we weren't able to get our shots off. The second half was a bit different and we were a bit quicker and a bit more aggressive, and we started to win some 50-50s and the game was a little bit different."

On RSL using statements following April's loss in Columbus as motivation:

"The statements are not statements from the team. I don't think that there is any disrespect from the team. Some individual players just want to express their opinions and we can't stop that. We were the Champions [in 2008] and [Real Salt Lake] were the Champions last year and so we need to respect each other because of our good play. Both teams are playing good this year."


On RSL's first goal of the night:

"We were slow, we were asleep. [Javier] Morales gets the ball in the box and makes an unbelievable shot through traffic."

On his words being posted on the scoreboard before the game:

"I never meant any disrespect to Real Salt Lake. I respect them and I think they are a fantastic team. The disrespect was meant towards the media in the sense that they were asking us, ‘You guys just beat the defending champions, how great does that feel,' and I was just saying, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa ... let's take a step back.'"

On the budding rivalry between Columbus and Real Salt Lake:

"I think that, individually, off the field, they are great people and there are a lot of good guys. But when we step on the field it's starting to get heated. They had our number here and we have had their number at our place. They had our number here in the playoffs and that was ultimately the one that mattered. As long as both teams are doing well you are going to see some intensity."


On the match:

"I am a little frustrated. I think we sat back too much in the first half and we were lucky to get out at halftime only down by one goal. We managed to stay in it for a while, but that second goal deflated us. We battled, and it's a hard place to play. It's alright though, we will bounce back."

On his near goal in the second half:

"It was a good save [by Nick Rimando]. Sometimes they go in and sometimes they don't."

On regrouping as a team after the loss:

"I think we are still in a good spot. We are still in first place in the East and the real strength is the team. I think we just have to stick together. It's just a loss on the road, it's not going to kill us."