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A great Preview of CCL Group A

thanks to Kali and the rest of the A&C team for the best new sign.
thanks to Kali and the rest of the A&C team for the best new sign.

OK, I have admitted that I know nothing about teams from Panama or Mexico.  I simply don't follow their leagues at any level, but thankfully there are some people out there who are really into all things CCL, and even better is the fact that one of those people is a part of the SB Nation:

If you know me, or read this blog regularly, or follow me on Twitter (judging from my follower numbers, this seems the least likely of the three), you know I really look forward to the CONCACAF Champions League. The CCL bears little resemblance to the much more famous UEFA Champions League, but that shouldn't stop you from watching. No other championship in our region offers the high drama that regularly unfolds in CCL play. It's not the best soccer you'll ever see, but it often provides tremendous entertainment value.

Black and Red United

I highly suggest reading this great preview of Group A, which is RSL's group and following up as they continue to preview the other groups.  For a club that plays in North America, Central America, or the Caribbean there really is no bigger tournament, or bigger honor than winning the Champions League.  You prove that you are the best club in our part of the world, and last year RSL proved to be the best in MLS (we will again this year), but now we can take on even a bigger challenge.  As the promo pieces say it is now RSL vs. The World.

OFF MY SOAPBOX (now go read that preview)