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Real Salt Lake does more with less!

Here are Major League Soccer's team payrolls for this season, in chart that Jeremiah at Sounder at Heart put together.

Total Median <$100K

New York 15.7m 97k 13
Los Angeles 11m 99k 12
Chicago 5.7m 100k 13
Toronto 5.2m 93k 12
Kansas City 2.9m 110k 15
Dallas 2.9m 80k 14
Columbus 2.9m 112k 12
DC 2.9m 81k 11
Seattle 2.9m 73k 9
New England 2.9m 71k 9
Philadelphia 2.7m 119k 13
Colorado 2.7m 80k 10
Salt Lake 2.6m 90k 12
San Jose 2.5m 95k 11
Houston 2.5m 96k 11
Chivas USA 2.5m 68k 7

When you take a look at the current payrolls for Major League Soccer's 16 teams you will see a huge difference in pay from #1 to #16. In most major league sports, the team who spends the most is usually the team who wins the most. In the MLS, that is not always the case.

Look for instance at the New York Red Bulls. They are tops among everyone else in payroll but they sit at #2 in the Eastern Conference and #5 overall with 31 points in 20 games. But, do you think that they have been playing better since the Henry/Marquez jump? The Red Bulls record was 8-6-2 before signing their two other Designated Players (DPs) and they have gone 1-1-2 in MLS play since then.

Now let's take a quick look at Real Salt Lake! The Executives in RSL's office have done significantly more with less. They are the second lowest payroll in the league and they are currently #2 in the Western Conference and MLS overall with 39 points in 21 games.

Just think about this for a minute...

RSL is leading the league in almost every category to include least amount of dollars spent on players. That is a unbelievable figure!

Let me hear everyone's thoughts on payrolls in the MLS!

I'm off my soapbox for now!