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Catching Up with former RSL'ers

So I try to keep tabs on some of my favorite RSL players no longer with the team and it just so happens today that two of my favorite all time RSL players not only will be facing each other in a heated USL battle as the Austin Aztex's will be heading to Portland to face the Timbers.  You can read about the match here.

Former RSL'er Jamie Watson has been out injured for a couple weeks, but has made the trip to the pacific northwest with Austin and recently he sat down for an interview with Jared Montz Soccer.  You can check out the video of the interview by clicking here.

Of course another former RSL'er has been in Portland all season and is most often found wearing the Captains armband for the Timbers, Ian Joy has become a huge part of their team as they prepare to move to MLS next season. Ian was interviewed by and you can read that interview here.

I think the my favorite moment of the week had to come as I wished them both well on twitter and the response from Ian was a classic:

JOYPAULIAN @rslsoapbox @jamiewatson22 I'm going to be the 1st player ever to wear Studs on Artificial turf when I play against Jamie tomorrow. :)

If you want to follow either of both of them on twitter just go to either: or for two of the better twitter feeds out there.