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MLS fans, if case you are wondering what phone to get?

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Update:  Well this week Microsoft announced that Windows Phone 7 will be launching on November 8th with several models of phones and on both AT&T as well as T-mobile networks.  With the ability to support Silverlight and I believe most flash applications, the reality of the MLS App below is quickly coming to life.

Today I was also told that Major League Soccer has submitted an official app for the iphone, with news that an android application will be coming in 2011.

With all that being said I thought it was a good time to bring this back to the front.


So for MLS fans the days of having to use subpar 3rd party apps is quickly ending:

Here is a video about the upcoming MLS app for Windows Phone 7 devices which should be out in September.

Get Microsoft Silverlight

There is also the iphone app which is being worked on (click here for a screenshot) and you have to believe that they will be making apps for other mobile devices soon as well.  I have to say I will be lowering my expectations on the apps, given the struggles the league has had with their website, but I am still hopeful that these will lead MLS into a better place than they are today.