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Will Coach Bradley start Buddle?

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Hello Soapboxers!  I've been away for the past week on business but now that I am back I want to get everyone's insight on the upcoming USMNT match against Brazil on Tuesday evening. 

My real question to you all is the story headline itself.  Will Coach Bradley start Buddle?  Heck, the real question should be...will he even play him? 

I wrote an article earlier this year pertaining to this very aspect on my personal blog site. 

Onto my thoughts...before the beginning of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Edson Buddle placed two balls in goal in the final warm-up game against the Australian National Team in South Africa. During World Cup play, Buddle saw very little action against England, I believe no action against Slovenia and didn't even step on the pitch in probably the most important game in USMNT history; which was against North Africa's Algeria.

Need I mention, that he is the MLS league-leader in goals scored (12) , game winning goals (5), shots (67) and shots on goal (30) for the season.  Also, his partner, Landon Donovan, on the Galaxy is the league-leader in assists (11).  They have been playing together all season and they no each other better than their wives know them. 

It should be an easy decision for Coach Bradley this Tuesday night.  Play the hottest American forward in the world against one of the best teams in the world.  If Bradley doesn't start Buddle, let's at least hope he plays him.

What do the Soapboxers think?