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Real Salt Lake vs. Colorado Rapids - 3 questions SB Nation style

This round of the SB Nation's 3 questions will feature me (denz) representing all things good, all things Real Salt Lake, and the opposing side will be "UZ" from the representing the dark side, or the Colorado Rapids

So I posed  the following 3 questions to "UZ" and here are his answers:

1) With 6 matches left in the Rapids season, they are holding onto a playoff spot right now but have perhaps the roughest remaining schedule in MLS with tough matches @RSL, @FC Dallas, @LA, but a couple of "Eastern Creampuffs" (Philly and DC United) at home and ending the season with RSL at home. Where do you think Colorado can grab points to make sure they don't get bounced out of the playoffs on the last day of the season this year?

A) I think that 43 points will actually be enough to get into the playoffs considering the weaknesses of the Eastern conference so winning the Philly and DC games at home - ideally 3-0 again - will probably be enough. For insurance, I expect at least a point out of the final game of the season at The Dick against RSL because of the fantastic home form the Rapids have shown, although most likely not a win. In fact, pretty much any game at home is a point for Colorado this season; they only have one loss very early in the season at altitude. Colorado also always seems to play well against FC Dallas so despite their amazing run of form recently there is a potential upset there on the road.

OK the rest of my questions after the jump:

2) Some big trades just before the roster freeze last week, who will make a bigger impact this year for the Rapids? Kandji or Mullan?

A) Mullen and it's not even close. Just the replacing of Mehdi Ballouchy with Brian Mullan instantly made the Rapids a better team. He's a savvy veteran, he's a winner and just seeing him in the one game against the Revs showed that he was immediately the best offensive midfielder on the squad. Kandji is a good 3rd option at striker but nobody was saying "We're saved!" after he came in. There was quite a bit more excitement when Brian showed up.

3) I got an update this afternoon that Omar Cummings has picked up an injury and won't travel with the team to Salt Lake, how huge of an impact will this have on the mentality of the Rapids? Do they come and play for the draw or are they still going to come and look for a win and the 3 points?

A) A lot of people thought even before Cummings was predicted to be out that Smith was going to go in and play for the draw with his old 4-5-1 formation. It's still possible that he goes for the win and tries to get the team in form going into the playoffs, but Gary Smith is not a stupid man and he's got to know that going into Rio Tinto is probably not going to result in anything more than a point if they're lucky. Regardless of Cummings I expect the Rapids to play conservatively.

If you want to see his questions, and my brilliant answers, then check them out on don't worry there is no truth that reading a Rapids blog will make you blind or grow hair on your palms.