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Real Salt Lake 0 - Seattle Sounders 0 - halftime thoughts

Well RSL clearly had some issues in the first 15 minutes and I have to imagine the speed and play of the turf were both factors and RSL was able to dodge some good play by the Sounders. Neither side was able to get their 7th goal of the season in the first quarter hour, but clearly I would say that Sounders had the better of the early play.

The passing and possession got much better for RSL in the second 15 minutes of the match, which was capped off by a Parke foul in the area on Robbie Findley that drew the whistle and pointing to the PK spot.  Robbie lineup to take it but it was Kasey Keller who got it right and stopped the shot to keep the match at 0-0.  I would still say the Sounders probably had the better of the play in the second 15 minutes as well, but much closer than the first.

The final 15 minutes of the first half have seen RSL become a more attacking team and while Seattle is still getting some quality runs and chances I have to say RSL has evened the match up as far as the play and chances.  Seattle is playing a very high defensive line when they can which is clogging up the midfield and allowing their midfielders a lot of freedom to roam around the pitch (smart playing).  I would say RSL might have gotten a slight edge in that final 15 minutes of play but so far a very even match.

I think Robbie has gotten into dangerous positions but he has to either pass or shot quicker (like all RSL forwards) and not putting away the PK is disappointing.  Javi seems to be getting more and more involved as the match goes along.  Kyle is doing well, Andy is all over the place and I like when he plays with that energy.  I think Reynish and Schuler are both doing very well for guys who are getting very limited minutes so far this year.

Not a bad half and on the road a 0-0 score at the half isn't bad but the missed PK could be the difference maker in this one.