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Don't go Robin, Real Salt Lake is where you want to be, not Chivas USA

Dear Robin,

I know that ESPN's spanish website is reporting that you will be the next head coach of Chivas USA, I simply hope it isn't true.

I have to believe that based on the success of RSL that soon bigger teams may come knocking at the door of Jason, and I can think of nobody better to take over a great team that has a great owner, and super management team than you. Heading to Chivas is a road to disaster, just ask Preki. I mean he had them in the playoffs for 3 straight years and they fired him, then they hired Vasquez and gave him less than a year to rebuild the team. Now they are making promises to you about how much they respect you, and you have to know that it all is a line of BS.

As an organization they have struggled since their first year, when they thought they could just bring the "B" team up from Mexico and add a new players to it and compete. They really just wanted another marketing tool for their real squad and this got them a place in MLS, but clearly based on their decision to share facilities with the Galaxy and almost every other move they have made since joining the league, they really aren't interested in building a franchise like RSL. They have no plan to build their own stadium, their owner is disinterested at best, their roster has more holes than a strainer, and you will just become a scapegoat for their continued failure as an organization.

Yes it might be warmer in Southern California, but here in Salt Lake 2011 could be a history making season as we move forward in the Champions League, and have a solid team ready to make another run at the Supporters' Shield and MLS Playoffs. Here you have fans who love and support the team, there you will have fans who wear the jersey of the Mexican team and not the one you will be coaching.

Chivas USA is a brand of a much better organization, but they are not a club with owners who are passionate about the team, they are not a club where from the President on down everyone is on the same page for success, they are not a team with the quality and depth that it takes to do great things in MLS. Oh yes they present a challenge and opportunity, but you know without support of the entire organization a coach can only do so much.

Yes, I think you have everything it takes to be a quality head coach in MLS, and probably elsewhere in the world, but I have to say that Chivas USA is probably not the place for anyone to make their debut as a head coach, heck you have seen their best players do anything to leave over the last 18 months, that should tell you something. Here in Salt Lake players are lining up to come and those here want to stay, that too should tell you something.

I know you are a man who can make his own decisions in life, but as a fan of RSL and one who pays a lot of attention to MLS, please don't make a mistake by going to Chivas USA.