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Real Salt Lake fans are you ready for some playoffs?

RSL 2011 playoff prices
RSL 2011 playoff prices

OK, I am no Hank and I don't think any of our current politicians are like evil people of the past but if you are a Real Salt Lake fan well it is time to get your playoff tickets. Well unless you are a season ticket holder and in that case you already have some but you can get some more. Playoff tickets went on sale today, so if you don't want to end up waiting in line or be put on hold when you try to call in, well then why not get your tickets now?

There are 3 likely scenarios:

  • RSL finishes in 3rd place in the Western Conference and host the first leg of their series on Oct. 29th (this is the most likely one)
  • RSL finishes in 2nd place in the Western Conference and host the second leg of their series on Nov. 2nd or 3rd
  • RSL finish outside of the top 3 and enter the Wildcard round of the playoffs, they would host the match and it would be on either Oct. 26th or 27th.

One of these is going to happen, and you will want to be there, so you can call the RSL ticket office at 801-727-2700 or order online. Every time you talk to a RSL player or staff member they will tell you how important the home crowd at Rio Tinto is to them, so what are you waiting for?