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Jay DeMerit may play for Vancouver but he also plays for all of us

Tomorrow night RSL will take the pitch against the Vancouver Whitecaps, and I will be cheering as always for RSL among the many great stories and the inspirational players is one that I don't know how anyone can't support. So while I can't cheer for Jay DeMerit when he faces RSL, I will support him 100% any other days of the year.

Now if you don't know the story, well you are simply missing out on one of the best stories US soccer has to tell. Next month there are a couple showings of the movie in Utah:

November 7th at Megaplex 17 at Jordan Commons -facebook event page

November 7th at Megaplex 20 at the District - facebook event page

I will be attending at Jordan Commons and I really do encourage all of you to find a way to attend one of these showings it really is an incredible story. Here is just a snippet from the movie's press release:

"RISE AND SHINE" was co-directed by filmmakers Ranko Tutulugdzija and Nick Lewis of Truth2Life Productions. The sports documentary follows DeMerit's heart-tugging transition from undrafted high school and collegiate athlete to lauded professional and internationally respected soccer star.

The 92-minute film traces the Green Bay, Wisc.-native's journey from failed tryouts with Major League Soccer through early frustrations in English football's lowest divisions. In an inspiring sports tale, DeMerit ultimately triumphs in soccer glory becoming a captain for England's Watford FC and joining Team USA as a hard-charging center halfback at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

I will post more details as the movie gets closer and tickets are made available but folks make no doubt about it, if you don't make it to see this movie, I have a feeling you will regret it for a very long time. Check out the website for more info.