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Salt Lake City make time for Rise and Shine - The Jay Demerit Story (updated)

Well if you are a soccer fan in Salt Lake City there is no better way to keep the good things happening than to get ready for the Sunday Real Salt Lake at Los Angeles Galaxy match for the Western Conference title than to go check out "The Jay Demerit Story". I think too often real life stories get lost in the world of action packed special effect driven movies, so it is nice to see that a small group of filmmakers backed by soccer fans around the world were able to put together a great movie and then find a way to get it in theaters across the nation.

The movie is actually showing all week here in Salt Lake City at two Megaplex theater locations (Jordan Commons and the District) but I can think of no better way to keep the soccer mojo going than to check it out tonight. Here is the trailer from the film:

You can check out a review of the movie on Centerline Soccer

I will be at the Jordan Commons 7pm showing and hope to see a full house there tonight.


So I was able to go see this one on Friday evening and I have to say that while it is no Hollywood blockbuster, it is a very honest look at life from the perspective of a guy who loved playing soccer and wanted to make it his career. Not just getting paid to play, but to play the game at the highest level in the world. Some great interviews with his family and friends add a viewpoint of those who know Jay best and lived the journey with him.

For me I love almost any movie about soccer, but to me this was more than that, it was a story about a guy who simply had enough faith in himself to refuse anything less than success. It is a great life story for adults and older kids who might not think that when people say "You can be whatever you want to be" that they being honest, well here is a guy who knew what he was good at, knew what he has a passion for, and knew that he was going to exhaust every possible chance to live his dream. A great message, and an enjoyable movie.

It is still showing in Salt Lake City at both the Jordan Commons and The District theaters, I advise checking it out.