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MLS All Star Match to New York, and some other thoughts

Well sorry for the lack of updates the last 7 days, I have had a lot on my plate and probably will for a couple more weeks, but I thought there were some updates that needed mentioning so here they are:

Major League Soccer made a big announcement this morning that the 2011 All Star Match will be played at Red Bull Arena, not much of a surprise given how they schedule their two big events (ASM and MLS Cup). While almost everyone believes that the opponent will be Barcelona (who will be in the US during the time of the match), that wasn't announced. So instead of making a big splash to knock the Cosmos hype from the minds of soccer fans in NYC, they instead have a wimper of an announcement that impresses few.

The latest round of transfer rumors has Charlie Davies coming back to MLS and landing at DC United. I really hope it isn't true, listen CD9 has made a number of bad decisions in his life over the last couple years, and the fans in the US are still very bitter about most of them. There are still unanswered questions about the accident, he clearly has burnt the bridge to playing for the USMNT, and lying to the police in France isn't going to help your reputation. If he thinks coming back to MLS will allow him to fly under the radar, he clearly doesn't realize that things have changed in MLS.

Is SuperLiga alive or dead? Last year MLS went to great lengths to adjust the schedules of the teams playing in SuperLiga, and with no announcements and the schedule still not out (it should be out later this week, if last years timing is any indication). I for one hope that it is dead, it has never caught on with MLS fans, and I think having to adjust several weeks out of the MLS schedule for a tournament that isn't even offered in English for MLS fans on TV or online is just sad.

Playoffs WT#? So "the Don" said 10 teams but didn't offer much more in the way of ideas or facts back on November 22nd, and his 30 day timeline has come and past. So I am going to say that I think 10 teams is stupid, just because the league is larger by 2 teams doesn't mean that there are two more teams worthy of a playoff spot. It took 46 points to make the playoffs in 2010, the next two teams had 39 points (Sporting KC) and 36 points (Chicago Fire). I think everyone can say that neither of those teams were as good as the two teams who moved to the East and ended up in the Eastern Conference final (San Jose and Colorado).

It is clear that while "the Don" may be stuck on conferences and thinks the conference title match is a big deal, it actually could be called anything and would only mean you have qualified for MLS Cup. I say make it simple and easy, the top 8 teams go into the playoffs and are put into a bracket based on their regular season finish. Adding 2 teams will mean that the playoffs take longer and with MLS moving to a 34 match schedule, I really would hate to see MLS Cup take place after Thanksgiving.

Anyhow those are some updates and some thoughts, and yes part III of my MLS team #20 post will be up this afternoon.