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A couple of Real Salt Lake interviews from today's practice session

So I thought I would track down a couple players after practice and shot a little video interview for you all (after the jump there is a little practice video as well).  I have a habit of trying to interview some of the guys that the big media may pass by, so today I have 2nd year RSL defender Rauwshan McKenzie (aka @BigMcK30 on Twitter):

I also got to spend a couple minutes chatting with Will Johnson after practice but without the video camera, we talked about his upcoming trip to Greece to play for the Canadian National team and how it will be a nice couple day break from the pre-season.  While the location is a couple hours north of Athens he is also looking forward to trying to get in a little sight seeing while he is there.  I have to tell you that Will is an incredible guy, very outgoing and friendly, but I am even more impressed with his work rate on the pitch and even after practice he was there running sprints.  Even Andy looked over and noticed the extra effort, he thinks Will may have two hearts and 4 lungs and that is why he can do so much work.  

after the jump Andy Williams (aka @bommadog) explains his tech side:

Here is the Andy Williams interview (oh BTW he has over 1,600 followers on twitter):

Here is a little clip from practice today (it is a couple minutes long):

OK, that is it for interviews and videos.  I will try to post a couple pictures from practice later this weekend.