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Real Salt Lake fans plan in match displays during Champions League match

We have seen how moving a outbreak of song at a soccer match can be as the entire crowd broke into Ole' Ole' during the Columbus Crew match, we have seen tributes to Charlie Davies and Robbie Findley by holding up their numbers, and now a number of RSL fans are planning a variety of things for the huge Champions League match on Tuesday.

Here are a couple that I know about, if you have more add them to the comments section:

  • Chant for the @realsaltlake game. I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN! after the National Anthem & halftime the clip is from the fans cheering at a USU basketball game (it has gotten some good national attention).
  • Streamer throw, I know a lot of fans in the South Stands and some others are planning a huge streamer throw immediately after the opposing teams first goal kick of the match
  • ???

While I love that people are trying to organize things and I can't wait to see the outcomes of these efforts, I believe that things like the Ole' Ole' chant often aren't planned or organized they simply materialize from the emotions of the moment.  That being said, the "I believe" chant is freakin awesome and I would love to see this become a stadium wide tradition after the national anthem, will it work?  Who knows but should be interesting to see what happens.