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Real Salt Lake fans, thinking about Match Day Live? You should!

Have you worried about how you are going to watch Real Salt Lake matches this year, your best option is to catch as many as you can at Rio Tinto (check out this killer ad), but what to do if you can't make it to the Stadium or the team is on the road? Well you have always had a number of options, for most you can watch them on TV via channel 2.2 KMYU (12 on Dish, 22 on Comcast) or via the Direct Kick package ($79 bucks and you get almost all the matches not on ESPN/FSC/Tele).

Then there has been the online option of MLS Match Day Live, which has had some real issues in the past with quality and blackout. There almost always some issues with higher tech solutions and we have to remember that MLS doesn't have the budget of the NFL or MLB, but this year there were a lot of questions about blackouts of matches and how they would impact Real Salt Lake fans. Well today I have been able to verify that none of the RSL matches that are local broadcasts will be blacked out (thank you Trey and MLS's Chris Schlosser-the digital guy at MLS) on Match Day Live.

Folks this is huge news for fans, who now can purchase the package and watch matches online, via iphone/ipad, and other features. They will be broadcasting over 220 matches via MDL this year and you can have access to them all for just $39.99 (that is 20 bucks off normal price) if you sign up before 3/28. Sign up here, I am signing up as soon as I post this and I can't wait to get the action started this weekend.

UPDATE: While the MLS Matchday app on the ipad will allow you to watch matches if you have the Match Day Live package (and it is nice), if you have an ipod touch or iphone Match Day Live doesn't cover live matches on those formats. Kinda a shame but with all the contracts and parties involved it isn't too surprising to me.

I do know there are some early issues with feeds on the computer, hopefully they will have those worked out quickly, but there were no such issues with the first match on the ipad which integrates very nicely with that version of the Matchday App.