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Will the Gold Cup ruin Real Salt Lake's chances for Gold in 2011?

One downside of having so many talented players on your team is when something like the Gold Cup comes around you can take a huge hit on your roster.  So could the month of June, when MLS has graced us with 6 scheduled matches (the busiest month for RSL), be what might keep the team from some gold?

It will depend on who from the RSL roster is called up for the month long CONCACAF Gold Cup tournament?  The groups for the tournament (which runs from June 5th-June 25th) are:

GROUP A: Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Cuba
GROUP B: Honduras, Guatemala, Jamaica, Grenada
GROUP C: USA, Canada, Panamá, Guadeloupe

For RSL, we can count on losing at least 3-4 players, I expect Will Johnson will be playing in Group C with Canada, it is likely that El Salvador will call up Arturo Alvarez in Group A play and it is likely that Alvaro Saborio will be called up by Costa Rica in the group as well.  Not so sure are call ups for Kyle Bekcerman and Nick Rimando for the USMNT also in Group C with the Canadians.

You never know what national team coaches will do in the Gold Cup, but I expect that RSL will likely lose at least 4 players for the month.  6 matches in June, oh it will be a great summer and thankfully RSL has the depth that they should be able to survive the midsummer storm that is the CONCACAF Gold Cup and it's callups. I don't think this will kill RSL chances for #TheQuad, but clearly those 6 matches will be a challenge that RSL will need to prepare for.