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Major League Soccer shows their support for Real Salt Lake via #MLS4RSL

Have you heard the news? All around Major League Soccer, players and staff are joining together in their support of Real Salt Lake as the team looks to represent themselves, the league, and soccer in the USA in the CONCACAF Champions League and beyond.

Here is a video the league put together of the good wishes from around the league.

Of course you have seen the MLS4RSL logo on the league's website (you can get a copy here) and make it your avatar on Twitter, Facebook and wherever else you can think of.

There is of course also the twibbon campaign and even the league's twitter page. The last time I counted there were at least 11 links on about RSL and their Champions League campaign, there has been the continued work done by MLS videographer Scott R (@3dimes on twitter).

Most of you who read my blog know that I am often critical of MLS HQ, not because I question their passion or desire to do things right but because I set the bar much higher than most. I can't claim they are as good as they should be yet, but they have the heart and passion to do good things and their support of RSL throughout the Champions League has been nothing but first class. I do believe I can speak for all the RSL fans when I say "thank you" for all the support.